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Posted on July 25th, 2014 | Posted in Companies, General, Press Releases, Trade Shows | Comments are off for this post.
Poujoulat Efficience

The current standards, for Airtight Housing, do not generally support the fitting of a Wood or Pellet burning stove in an internal room. This is due to the need for air tightness and to ensure that the chimnies thermal bridging does not reduce passive levels to a degree that it cannot meet passive standards.

However good news is on the horizon in the form of a unique solution from Poujoulat who have launched the Efficience Chimney System. Efficience is a complete system which allows you to have both an air intake (combustion air) and Smoke exhaust, going through the same chimney pipe, ensuring air tightness.

Efficience is a triple wall concentric insulated chimney which has an insulated twin wall system for smoke exhaust under negative pressure, an air supply outer wall which draws down air from the air gap at the top of the chimney – it warms up along the length as its drawn down, optimizing the appliance efficiency.

Available to fit either the rear or the top of a stove and to work in conjunction with Poujoulat Chimney Stacks. Available in a variety of colours, Efficience will enable Architects and Installers alike to design and install a complete solution to suit the needs of modern housing designs and regulations.

The system was demonstrated by Poujoulat at the Hearth & Home Exhibition in Harrogate in June and is currently only available in France. Efficience will be available in the United Kingdom later in 2014.

Product sheet pdf download click here

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