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Posted on June 1st, 2015 | Posted in General, Top Tips | Comments are off for this post.

On the whole we partner the name AGA with a quintessentially British country home. AGA at the heart, providing warmth, solid rustic looks and of course every kitchens dream cooker. The AGA name is renowned across the world, began life in Sweden and was invented by Dr Gustav Dalén, a blind Nobel Prize-winning physicist.

Its important to keep your heart healthy, the same is true of your AGA at home, an AGA Cooker makes life so much easier and warmer. So how do you look after the AGA in your home?

Cleaning your AGA Cooker

Like most things its important to clean your cooker and its easy when you have the right tools. Covering the basics first, make sure you have an AGA Wire Brush. The steel bristles make it the ideal tool for cleaning the hotplate and keeping your AGA looking at its best. The second essential tool is the Hotplate Scraper, designed to clean the ceramic and enamel surfaces. It has a stainless steel body, is easy to clean and the built in blade protector ensures the blade can be safely withdrawn when the scraper is not in use. AGA also offer specifically formulated products to remove tough stains and provide effortless cleaning, combined with official cloths and mitts your AGA cooker will gleam. To find out more take a look at the full AGA Cleaning range.

Servicing your AGA Cooker

It is vital to have your AGA Cooker serviced regularly by a qualified professional using genuine parts to ensure its reliability and operating efficiently. ABGO have been an authorised AGA spares supplier for over 10 years supplying fully trained and qualified GAS Safe and OFTEC trade heating engineers.

Working in partnership with AGA and carrying the full AGA spares stock profile, ABGO supply only genuine AGA spares to our customers so you can rest assured all the AGA range parts we supply are only genuine AGA spares supplied by the UK’s largest heating spares distributor.

To find out more and for the largest stock of AGA spares products available please call ABGO on 01902 790 900 or browse the ABGO AGA Spares section.

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