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Posted on June 11th, 2015 | Posted in General | Comments are off for this post.
Poujoulat Racing

For over 30 years, Poujoulat have devoted their knowledge to improve chimney flues for houses, apartments and industrial buildings.

Partnered with energy suppliers, appliance manufacturers and distributors – Poujoulat Chimneys offer a range of products from Roof mounted chimney stacks, flues and liners for chimneys to connecting flue pipes.

Poujoulat grow their knowledge and expertise by reacting to the chimney industries changing needs. Developing solutions that promote good energy performance while each year thousands of tests and inspections are performed on Poujoulat chimney flue products by the CERIC laboratory, in accordance with European standards.

Vitreous enamel connecting flue pipe

The Unique male / female spigot connection in the vitreous enamel flue ensures a simple yet secure installation while the joint system provides a near flush finish and improves the aesthetic appearance. The joints require no fixings, fire cement or sealant.

A choice of 5 standard colour finishes are available. Matt Black, Matt Grey, Gloss White, Gloss Brown & Gloss Black. The matt finished products readily take overpainting with high temperature stove paints so you can match the colour required exactly.

Flexible Flue System

A stainless steel flexible liner suitable for Gas and Oil heating appliances operating under negative pressure and available in diameters from 100mm through to 300mm. A range of accessories including Adaptors & Register plates, Top hanger plates and Pot hanger terminals. Available in full coils or by cut lengths.

Twinwall Insulated Multi-fuel Chimney System

Available as Ti and Zi. The Ti has a 316L stainless steel inner liner and a 304L stainless steel outer casing. Suitable for internal and external use. The finish for the stainless on Ti product is ‘bright shiney’. Zi has the same 316L stainless steel inner liner and an ALUZINC outer casing. This makes the product some 20% cheaper than Ti but it is only suitable for internal use. A COPPER outer case is available (Ti price + 40%)

Please follow the link for more information on the range of Poujoulat chinmey flue systems or please call ABGO on 01902 790 900

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